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How to sweatproof your summer


The months of summer are seemingly endless, sunny and, unfortunately, sticky. With the million degree weather and extra long days, your body produces a lot of sweat to keep you cool, although it often just feels gross. But don’t let the rising temps get you down. While you can’t get rid of sweat completely, you can keep it in check. Here’s how to sweatproof your summer.

Banish Body Odor

When sweat mixes with bacteria, it can leave you smelling funky. Take a bath or shower everyday—and after you exercise or workout—to wash away any weird scents. Make sure to prep each morning with a swipe of deodorant to nix odors and keep you feeling fresh. Sprinkle a little baby powder in your shoes to get rid of any stinky feet. Throughout the day, you can also use makeup or baby wipes to clean your pits and body mists or sprays to leave a sweet smell behind.

Say Buh-Bye to Pit Stains

Nothing is as embarrassing as lifting up your arm to wave to your friend—or worse, crush!—only to see noticeable pit stains. Even with deodorant, these pesky spots can emerge. So make light, breathable fabrics like cotton your BFFs this summer. Not only do these fabrics allow your skin to breathe, they also don’t show stains as much. And if you do have stains, don’t sweat it. Chances are, people won’t notice if you don’t make a big deal out of it.

Breakup with Breakouts

Sometimes with all the extra sweating your body is doing, your skin can get a little bit stressed out because of the bacteria and dirt getting trapped in your pores. Use a gentle cleanser and a spot treatment to care for and nourish your skin. And even when your skin is breaking out, make sure to use moisturizer and sunscreen to protect it. Once a week, you can also use a detoxifying mask to draw out excess dirt, oil and impurities. For those pesky back breakouts, use a body wash specifically targeted for body acne.

Melt Proof Your Face

Slipping foundation and runny mascara can make even the chillest of us want to have a major meltdown. Going barefaced—but not forgetting moisturizer or sunscreen—is the best option, but if you do want to wear makeup, the key to sweatproofing your face is to choose the right products. Prep your face with a silicone based primer to give your makeup something to stick to. Then choose a tacky concealer that won’t slide off your face when you start to sweat. Finish it off with a translucent powder to get rid of any shine. For your eyes, long-lasting cream shadows will keep your eyes sparkling and water-proof mascara will ensure that your lashes look amazing all day. Finish off with a matte lip to contrast with your glowing skin and you’re all set.

Don’t Sweat It

So you look like the Wicked Witch of the West after Dorothy dumps water on her. So you’re dripping wet and feel disgusting. It’s okay. You’re human. You have a body. Sweating is natural and healthy, not to mention necessary!

How do you deal with sweat in the summer?

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by Morgan Ome | 6/6/2016