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This period-proof dancewear lets you plie as you please

For you dancer girls out there, you know that the struggle is real during that time of the month. How will you keep leakage from getting on your nude tights? Just how visible *are* those period underwear through your leotard? Luckily for all of you dealing with these difficulties, we’ve found something that might finally solve your dance period probs.

If you’re a dedicated GL reader, you may have seen our post a few months ago about period-proof panties. Now, this idea has expanded to the dance world. Capezio, a brand that designs dancewear (ballet slippers, tights, leotards, etc.), has teamed up with Dear Kate, a brand with “innovative moisture-wicking and leak-absorbing Underlux technology,” to create the ultimate period-proof leotards.

What does this technology do? The Underlux technology is built into the leotard and absorbs up to 1 teaspoon of liquid to keep you “fresh, dry, and moving throughout the month.” You no longer need to wear tights or underwear with your dancewear—as long as you have on a pad or tampon with the Capezio | Dear Kate leotard, you will be protected from both period leaks *and* sweat stains.

Below is a vid of dancer Kalani Hilliker wearing the leotard and demonstrating her hashtag #IMOVETHEWAYIWANT in Capezio's "Nothing Can Stop Me" film: 

There are other perks of the product, too: it has adjustable straps, it’s Latex free (for girls with a latex allergy) and its Nylon/Spandex material allows for stretchable, easy movements. You can check out more about this product (and purchasing details) on Capezio's website. Now that you can finally stay protected, it’s time to forget about what’s going on down there and truly focus on perfecting your form and flow.

Will you try these period-proof dance products? What do you do to stay protected when you dance?

Photo credit: Capezio.

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by Julia Selsky | 8/1/2016