Your Bod

Easy ways to love your bod everyday

We all get self-conscious about our bodies from time to time. No matter what age, gender or size, it’s something that everyone thinks about. In fact, a recent study found that children as young as 3 years old can suffer with body image issues. That’s a pretty startling find, and one that makes us realize that we often fail to appreciate all the things our bodies do for us. So here are a few things you can do to show your body just how much love it.

1. Wear what makes you comfortable

Do you feel uncomfortable in boyfriend jeans? Skinny jeans? So ditch 'em! There are so many different types of clothing out there that it's worth taking the time to find your fit. Once you do, you’ll be feel more self-assured, and hey, you may even start a new trend!

2. Walk with your head held high

The best accessory? Confidence. The world is your runway, so walk through life with your head up and shoulders back. You’ll look and feel more radiant when you do.

3. Do what you love

Participate in activities that make you feel good about yourself. This may be dancing, swimming or just taking a relaxing walk in your neighborhood. If your body feels good and loved, so will you.

4. Write positive notes on your mirrors

The mirror can be a pretty negative place, so combat that with pretty thoughts. Take a pack of post it notes and write a new inspiring and optimistic note to yourself every morning like "You look amazing today" or "That hairstyle is fab." It sounds cheesy, but it works!

5. Think of yourself as a celebrity

When the word "celeb" comes to mind, "perfection" probably follows suit. News flash: You're perfect too! Show the world what you’re made of and how beautiful you are both inside and out.

6. Don’t compare yourself to others

Every body is different and every body is beautiful. Stop comparing your looks and physical characteristics to others. Know that just being the true, amazing you is more than enough.

7. Have some gratitude

Learn to appreciate you. Write down what gifts your body has given you and allowed you to accomplish. You'll be surprised at just how long the list is!

8. Practice healthy hygiene

Start or end your day with a relaxing shower. This time with your body will make you feel refreshed, relaxed and super confident.

9. Treat yo'self

Who said you can’t have that hot fudge sundae? If it makes you happy, go for it. Just be sure not to over-do it!

Your body is your best friend. How will you show it some love?

We want to hear from you! Send us your weirdest body questions here (seriously, we'll answer anything!) and it just might get featured.

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by Yasmeena Fakhouri | 9/6/2016