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5 things every tall girl can absolutely relate to


Growing up taller than everyone else can be hard, believe me. I’ve been there. I always felt like I stood out in a crowd or always found myself sticking above everyone else in pictures (yes, even the boys!). I used to be so worried that no one would catch up to me and I hated it. But now, I love my height and hopefully one day, you will too. Until then, here are some things us “tall-girls” can *definitely* relate to:

You feel like everyone is watching you.
Is it just me or do you always feel like everyone notices what you’re doing before anyone else? Maybe it’s because we take up more space than other people, or just stick out in a crowd but it's super annoying. Nothing you do goes unnoticed! (Or at least that's what it feels like.)

You’re taller than most boys.
But they'll catch up sooner or later. Plus, when they get older, you can tease them with “remember when I was taller than you?” And if they *don't* catch up, who cares! Just think of the VS models who are all tall gals, for example. Height doesn't determine your attractiveness.

Everyone points out how tall you are...*all* the time.
To this very day, I laugh when people walk past me and point out how tall I am. Like, uh, did you think I forgot? The next time this happens to you, have some fun with it. Look shocked and tell them you never knew. Sometimes a little bit of sass is a great way to laugh it off. 

If another person asks you if you play basketball...
Every conversation seems to start the same. “Oh my, you’re so tall. Do you play basketball?” If you just so happen to be like me, this is a total joke. I have zero hand-eye coordination, so the answer is no. Maybe you do play basketball, or volleyball or other “tall sports” and that is perfectly okay. Consider it an easy conversation starter, but don’t feel awkward if sports aren’t your thing. 

Clothes are always shorter on you.
Whether it be dresses, rompers or even skirts, our long legs look even longer when we try to fit into certain clothes. While all the other girls struggle with hemlines that are awkwardly long and have to get their clothes tailored, lucky for you, your legs do the job! But good luck trying to find pants that are long enough...

So the next time you feel like an uncoordinated giraffe, remember that you are beautiful as you are and us giraffes have to stick together!

What other "tall-girl" things do you go through on the reg? Let us know below!

Photo credit: Daily Mail.

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by Makaila Nichols | 12/13/2016
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