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*Always* be prepared with this DIY emergency period kit

Unfortunately, most of us have found ourselves in the middle of a period emergency and while asking a friend for a pad or tampon is fine, sometimes, you get caught alone with absolutely *nothing* to save you. Eek. That's exactly why every girl needs to have an emergency period kit that is small and easy to carry around and will help you avoid any more embarrassing moments.

The first thing you’re going to need is a box. The size depends on where you’re putting your emergency kittoo large and it won’t fit in your locker, but too small and you won’t be able to fit your necessities inside of it. A perfect pick would be one of those plastic containers they sell in the school supplies aisle at Walmart or Target. Or, you could use a pretty cosmetics pouch.

Now for everything that goes inside. The top priorities are obviously pads and tampons (or your choice of period product), so make sure that those fit first. If you’re a pads only (and vice versa) user it still might be smart to include a tampon or two, just in case your bestie finds herself without one. Don’t go overboard with the amount that you include unless your period is ultra heavy. 

Since your period (and puberty in general) can do some funky things to your body, you might also want to include a travel size deodorant. This is perfect not just for your time of the month, but also if you want to quickly freshen up after gym class. Then throw in an extra pair of underwear (or two!). Sometimes leaks can’t be helped, and while you can’t fit a whole pair of pants in your kit, you can easily an extra pair of underwear.

Next put in some pain medicine like Midol (if you're allowed to keep that in your locker...check your school rules first). Cramps are absolutely killer, but they’re even worse when you’re stuck at school with no solution in sight. You can also try handwarmers or mini heat packs. They’re inexpensive and they’re definitely helpful when those awful pains start.

Last but definitely not least, you can't forget the chocolate. Chocolate is a girl’s best friend, and that’s even more true during your period. So drop a few Hershey Kisses in your kit while you’re at it, or whatever type of fun snack you tend to crave during that time of month.

Have you made an emergency period kit before? Let us know what else you would add to yours in the comments! 

Photo credit: Crazed Mom.

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by Kaila L. | 2/7/2017