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What *really* causes period cramps?


Painful period cramps can, well, put a serious cramp in your routine. That nagging, aching, Pamprin-demanding discomfort is something every girl unfortunately will probably have to deal with at some point. They're a necessary evil of being a girl so we can't help but wonder: What exactly causes cramps?

Turns out those lower belly pains are due to prostaglandins, which are chemicals that make your uterus contract to push blood out during your period. They're actually the same hormones that cause contractions when women go into labor for giving birth and the higher your levels are, the more intense your period cramps are. When the chemicals make the muscle twist and turn, it cuts off oxygen to your uterus which is why it hurts so much.

Of course, mild cramps are *totally* normal. But if you're experiencing extremely severe pain or cramps that interfere with your everyday life, make sure to talk to your doctor ASAP. 

How do you deal with bad cramps? Share your secrets below! 

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by Amanda Tarlton | 3/29/2017