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Your "flaws" are actually what make you's why


Whether it's in Insta posts, magazines or commericals on TV, you have seen what the "perfect" girl is supposed to be: the super tall and thin model with amazing hair and flawless skin. But in reality the average girl is far from this image. We each have unique traits about ourselves that we might think make us less beautiful...when the truth is that imperfection is beauty. Check out the list of not-so-flawed features below that you should be proud of.

A skin condition that causes patches of skin to lose their pigment, vitiligo has become much more talked about in the beauty industry thanks to personal stories from popular YouTube stars and models. (like the gorgeous Winnie Harlow!). From the freckles movement came the vitiligo movement which has lead to thousands of women redefining beauty and the idea of having perfectly even skin. 

You might know it as a tooth gap, but regardless, diastema is something girls are learning to love about themselves. Every smile is a beautiful smile, whether you have straight teeth, slightly crooked molars or a space between the front two.

Scars are usually covered up with makeup or edited out of photos...but that's totally unnecessary. Whether it came from a positive or negative event in your life, a scar just proves how tough and strong you are. Celebrate the life you still have and let others know it's okay to have scars and it's *more* than okay to show them off.

Some people only have a splattering of freckles on their nose during summer and others have freckles that cover their face all year long. Freckles have often times been photoshopped out of pictures, but recently they have become a beauty statement as people apply fake freckles with makeup. Learn to embrace the freckles you have and realize that they make you different from people that surround you in a positive way. 

What other "imperfections" are beautiful?  Do you have anything that makes you unique?  Let us know in the comments below! 

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by Cali Drouillard | 4/19/2017