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10 body positive Instas to help you love yourself


When you scroll through celeb Instagrams, it's easy to feel intimidated by perfect bodies, hair and skin. While you may feel that you don't quite measure up, that’s far from the truth. If you need some #selflove inspo, here are 10 Insta-famous babes who will empower you to love yourself.


1. @iskra: Iskra Lawrence is all about boosting body positivity, playing a huge role in Aerie's #thisgirlhasnotbeenretouched campaign and working as a brand ambassador for the National Eating Disorder Association. Iskra's feed will surely make you smile as she preaches self love and savagely exploits body shamers.


2. @theashleygrahamModel Ashley Graham uses her Instagram to promote body positivity with uplifting posts. Ashley's book, A New Model, discusses "what confidence, beauty, and power really look like" and shares her wisdom with her followers. Talk about Insta inspo!


3. @daniebb3Danielle Brooks not only kills the acting game but also the self love game. Preaching to "love every pound," Danielle posts about exercise and how the results you feel emotionally are more important than those you see physically.


4. @ddlovatoStruggling with an eating disorder in the past, Demi Lovato has made a full recovery and uses her Instagram to help others heal with her.


5. @msamberpriley: We loved her as confident and talented Mercedes on Glee, but Amber keeps impressing us with her powerful voice and inspirational message of ignoring bullies, staying grateful for what you have and being proud of your accomplishments.


6. @lenadunham: Known for embracing her quirks and oddities, Lena Dunham does just the same with her body. Reading her posts about what it means to be a woman, you'll definitely feel empowered.


7. @tyrabanksSupermodel Tyra Banks is all about helping others see their self worth. Tyra's posts encourage her followers to acknowledge that we *all* have insecurities and that by supporting one another it's so much easier to love yourself.


8. @katiehwillcoxIn between photoshoots, model Katie Willcox encourages those around her to embrace their bodies. Working to promote her tagline, "healthy is the new skinny," Katie is a body positive activist in the modelling world.


9. @bostanleyThis surfer chick loves promoting self love almost as much as she loves riding waves. Bo Stanley publicizes how important it is to love your body and works to fight society's image of what an athlete should look like.


10. @mynameisjessamynJessamyn Stanley is a super talented yogi and such a sweetheart. Talking openly about her insecurities and her path to find peace with her body is totally heartwarming and will surely inspire you to be bold.

Do you follow any Instagram accounts that make you feel good? Share them in the comments below! 

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by Erin Farrugia | 5/12/2017