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I crave candy like crazy!

Because candy has no nutritional value, it’s doubtful you’re craving it to make up for a nutrient deficiency. If you were screaming for ice cream, it could be that your body needed calcium. Could it be that your parents try to put limits on your junk intake, so you want what you can’t have (the forbidden Jujyfruits, so to speak)? If not, it’s possible you have hypoglycemia. This blood sugar disorder can cause major sugar cravings. Go to to test yourself and, if the points add up, make an appointment with your doc. Otherwise, you probably just have a sweet tooth. Candy’s OK on occasion, but try to make your snacks healthy. Curb those cravings by filling up on good-for-you snacks, like nuts or cheese, because sugar cravings intensify when you’re super-hungry.

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8/1/2008 11:53:00 PM
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