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How to handle period probs at camp


There's so much fun stuff to do at camp: nature walks, canoeing, s'mores, making new friends. But getting your period while you're sharing a cabin with strangers or out hiking for hours can be stressful. Fortunately, plenty of girls have dealt with the same struggle and, as long as you're prepared, your time of month won't hold you back aat all. Follow our tips below to go with the flow.

Know before you go.
When packing your clothes and toiletries, do not forget to bring pads and tampons, even if your period isn't supposed to happen yet. Periods can be irregular so it's best to be prepared and don't be afraid to pack more than what you think you need. Your supply can always help out another girl camper.

Don't let cramps, well, cramp your style.
If you get really bad cramps, remember to bring Advil or whatever medicine eases the pain. If you are afraid you will lose your medicine, give it to the camp’s nurse and ask her for the correct dosage when you need it. If using a heating pad or drinking a certain tea helps, then bring it. You want to enjoy your time at camp so be prepared with your best cramp killer.

Bring biodegradable or reusable products.
If you know you will be going on a long hike where bathrooms won't be available for you to use (eek!), use products like the Diva Cup or biodegradable tampons that are safe for the environment.

Eliminate the odor.
We’ve all smelled period odor and it's not that pleasant. And being outdoors and sweating definitely doesn't help. To avoid being smelly, bring wipes with essential oils that won't affect the ph level of your vagina, but will help mask the smell. Just remember not to douche or use perfume down there because it can cause unwanted infections.

Talk to your camp counselor.
Remember, having a period is nothing to be embarrassed about so if you are ever having any difficulties with your period, just talk to one of your camp counselors in private. She is there to help you with your issues, and since she is older, she has gone through the same period issues you’re going through.

Any tips for surviving your period at camp? Share in the comments!

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by Uchenna Nwodim | 6/5/2017
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