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10 reasons skipping meals is actually dangerous

We always hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but TBH, every meal is important. Unfortunately, though, many girls think that skipping meals will help them lose weight or be "healthier" but when you do that, you are actually hurting your body. If you want to stay happy, healthy and energized read these 10 reasons why you shouldn't skip tomorrow's lunch.

1. It changes your blood sugar levels.
If you don't eat frequently, your blood sugar levels will drop which leaves you feeling fatigued, irritable and sometimes even dizzy.

2. It messes with your mood and concentration.  
Your brain needs glucose to function properly so when it doesn't get that, you might snap at your friends more, not be as positive or happy and have trouble focusing on your homework.

3. It makes you feel tired.
Food is literally what fuels our bodies and gives us energy. Without it, you can't function properly and will feel exhausted, no matter how much you slept the night before.

4. It changes your metabolism. 
You could be slowing down your metabolism if you skip meals or don't eat enough food (by the way, snacks don't count as meals!). Your body needs consistent food to run most efficiently.

5. It increases your risk of diabetes.
Skipping lunch can elevate your blood glucose levels and, if this goes on for a while, you could have a higher risk of diabetes in the long run. This is why it is so important to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner (and snacks in between if you want). 

6. It lowers your nutritional levels.
You need your vitamins, and while taking vitamin supplements can be a great bonus, it's not a replacement for food. You must eat a variety (and enough) nutritious foods in order for your body to take in everything it needs.

7. It affects your blood pressure.
When you skip meals, it can cause your blood pressure to rise which comes with a whole slew of health probs you do not want to deal with. 

8. It causes indigestion problems.
One key cause of acidity, or stomach pain, can be from skipping meals. It feels like really bad period cramps (eek!) so eat consistent meals to help keep your digestive system running smoothly.

9.  It makes you, uh, stopped up. 
Yep, we're talking about constipation. When your body becomes used to not digesting a lot of food, your stomach muscles become weaker. Therefore, you may have trouble digesting your food and going to the bathroom. 

10. It throws off your hunger.
You might get full fast or feel hungry at random times because you are not eating a well-balanced diet. Skipping meals or chronic dieting are factors that interrupt or mess up your hunger cues so your body gets confused and can't operate at its best.

*If you are actively avoiding food or eating less in an attempt to lose weight or for other emotional reasons, you may have an eating disorder. Please talk to a trusted adult or your doctor or visit the Academy for Eating Disorders for more info.

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by Mary Kate Biser | 5/20/2018