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These products just *might* make your period a little bit easier

Ugh, having your period is the worst. In addition to constantly worrying about your pad or tampon, you’re also suffering from cramps, headaches, mood swings and crazy cravings! What if we told you there’s some products on the market that could make your period just a little bit easier? We rounded up our picks for solving any period prob.

Period panties
Are you sick of having your fave undies get stained by your period? Yup, us too! You may have heard about period underwear from the tons of YouTube videos where some of your fave vloggers test them out. Period panties are essentially underwear that have a built-in layer of super-absorbent lining that acts as a pad. They even come in different styles, so you can find a pair that works for your flow. While you can just wear the panties, some people add a tampon *just* in case. Once you feel that it’s full (about the same time your pad would be full), just pop them in the washing machine and they’ll become good as new. 

Period leggings
Many brands have *finally* realized that all you want to do during your period is pull on a pair of leggings and your favorite sweatshirt and curl up with your fave movie. Comfort is key when you’re dealing with your period, and period leggings might just be the answer to all of your wishes. These leggings act similarly to period panties—but most retailers suggest pairing with a tampon on days when you have a heavier flow.

Not only are they great for just chilling, they also are great for working out. While we love our trusty black leggings, some period pairs come in super-cute colors and patterns. One brand has even branched out to include bodysuits (try pairing with a skirt!) to help you stay leak-free and look fashion-forward.

Period bathing suits
Having your period while you’re at the beach or the pool might take the cake for being the actual worst. Worrying about leaks or stains while trying to tan or chat up that cutie who works at the snack bar is absolutely not fun. A pair of leak-proof bottoms are just what you need. Like the undies and the leggings, you may need some back-up protection, but knowing that you’ll be protected will help y-o-u have the best beach day.

Period subscription box
You may have seen subscription boxes for things like beauty products or books, but have you ever seen a period subscription box? While there’s tons on the market, one that stands out is Monthly Gift. The founders are two women who were sick of running out of period supplies when they needed them, so they decided to create a box that would bring them right to your door for $10 a month. Plus, each box comes with a sweet treat to help with those cravings. The gals behind Monthly Gift also created a free period tracking app, so you can be prepared.  

Which period product would you try? Tell us in the comments below!

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by Maddie McGee | 8/6/2017
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