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Unwanted body hair: Should I start waxing?

Having unwanted body hair can really suck. It would be nice to have smooth pits all the time without the hassle of shaving. Shaving can leave nasty painful razor bumps and in two days the hair is growing back. So, you may be thinking about waxing, whether it be at home or at the salon. Here’s the deets on what you need to know about hair removal.

How much does it cost?
If you’re thinking about going to a salon to get waxed, you may want to discuss this with your parents first. Waxing can be pretty pricey. While underarms are somewhat reasonable at an average cost of $20-30, legs and bikini waxes can run you upwards of $100 or more. At-home wax kits can range anywhere from 8 bucks for the pre-waxed strips, to $60 for a full, salon grade waxing kit. 

How long does it last?
Waxes can last anywhere from three to six weeks, which is definitely longer than your average shave. Depending on the speed of your hair growth, though, your wax may last longer or shorter. You only need ¼ of an inch of hair growth to get a wax—letting your hair grow out too much cause issues in the waxing process.

Is it safe?
Waxing is safe but can be a painful process as the waxer is literally pulling hairs out of the follicle. The waxer should be using fresh wax and supplies for each client (if you wax at home you won’t have to worry about this). The wax will be very warm but it shouldn’t be hot enough to burn the skin.

How do you wax at home?
If you are waxing at home you may want to have a friend, sibling or parent help you out. Waxing strips are easier to use on your own than a waxing kit but you may have to go over the targeted areas a few more times than you would using hot wax. Wax strips are likely the most comfortable and cost effective waxing option. 

So, should you or shouldn’t you wax? The way you choose to remove your unwanted hair is totally up to you based on preference, budget and parent approval. If it’s okay with your parents (depending on age) and you’re comfortable with it, then go for it!

If you’re not feeling too comfortable about waxing, then keep on shaving, it’s been getting the job done so far and there are products and remedies to solve your razor bump problems. Shaving is cheaper and easier to do yourself and it’s the most common hair removal method so it’s absolutely fine if you choose to stick with it.

Will you start waxing or are you sticking with your razor and shave cream?

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by Lauren McMillan | 9/25/2017
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