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Can my friends tell that I have my period?

Periods. They're often a hassle and the source of lots of strife for that one week a month. While they might be a complete drag, they're completely natural.

There's no reason to be embarrassed about your period, but if you're worried about others knowing whether or not Aunt Flo is in town, rest assured that most times you're the only one who notices. Even the dreaded "period smell" is usually more obvious to you than anyone else as long as you remember to change your pad or tampon often.

While most girls are taught to keep a closed mouth about their period, it can make you feel better to share your struggles with your other period having peers. You guys can join in solidarity of the period blues and you might even find that your cycles sync up! Saying all this to say, unless you're running around chucking maxi pads at people or you (God forbid) have a bit of an accident there is a very small chance that anyone, friends or otherwise, can tell you're on your period just by looking at you. 

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by Cydnii Jones | 10/15/2018