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The top 5 vagina myths, debunked

Okay, ladiesit's time to debunk some myths about vaginas. For some reason, even in 2017, we as a society still seem to be pretty squeamish and clueless about female anatomy. Crazy and sexist theories have existed for thousands of years about what goes on down there, from vaginas with teeth to lethal period blood. While the more offensive and ridiculous vagina lore has been disproved by science (and common sense), there are still some delusions about those lady bits that refuse to go away. Here are five common vagina myths we can finally let go of.

1. Your cherry will be popped.
If you've ever had an older cousin or a crude brother, you've probably heard about the fabled cherry in our vaginas that will "pop" during one's first sexual experience. While we can see where this myth may have stemmed from, there is no cherry. Instead, there is a hymen which is a thin line of membrane that sits across the vaginal canal, but not only are not all woman born with a hymen, it can be broken from many other things besides sex. If you're even a little active, you could break your hymen way before your first time.

2. Vaginal discharge is bad.
This couldn't be farther from the truth! Vaginal discharge is the result of our awesome, self-cleaning vaginas doing their job. Your discharge should be orderless and can range from white, clear or a straw color. If you notice any foul-smelling odors or weird colors, though, it could be an indicator that something's wrong. See? Our discharge even acts as a warning sign for us. And no need to overly clean with harsh scented soaps or feminine washes. Just use water, stick to a healthy diet and your vagina will do the rest.

3. You can lose a tampon up there.
The time after you first get your period can be *super* confusing and even a bit scary, but we promise your tampon will not disappear inside of you. It is impossible for anything besides fluids and semen to get past the tiny opening that is your cervix (located at the top of your vagina). If you do find that your tampon is nowhere to be found, it may have turned sideways and be hiding at the top of your vagina. If that happens (which is also unlikely if you change your tampon often), get an appointment with your doctor to have it removed to avoid infection.

4. Your vagina has to look a certain way.
Just like you, your vagina is unique. Vaginas come in all shapes and sizes and they're all amazing. There is no "right way" for your vagina to look. The most common sources of insecurity are from the size of the labia, or the lips, around your vagina. Big or small and everything in between, it's all normal, we promise. 

5. You have to trim or wax down there.
Well first off, you don't *have* to do anything. If you decide you want to trim or wax your pubic hair that's up to you, but it should be because you want to, not due to any outside pressure or expectations. In fact, your pubic hair is there for a reason. It helps prevent friction, stops dirt and debris from entering your vagina and helps fight against skin complications from rashes to acne (yes, you can get pimples down there, too).

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by Cydnii Jones | 10/20/2017