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One Insta star shares the secrets to loving your body


"Body positivity is the greatest thing that could ever happen to us." That's what Kelly Uchima (you might know her as @_kellyu on Insta!) said when she sat down with GL to chat all things body image. "It's a beautiful change towards encouraging people to love themselves no matter what they look like and finally teaching people that they're wonderful and worthy and to embrace the beautiful body you have right now."

Amen, girl. Learning to accept yourself for *you* and stop stressing about the size of your pants is something we are 100 percent behind. But it's also something that's much easier said than done, unfortunately. So we asked Kelly, whose a self-love pro, to share her secrets to liking what you see in the mirror.  

1. Change the way you think.
"Remember it's in your mind and the way you view your body. Understand and accept the way you look. Don't think of it as settling. Think of it as saying "Hey, look at this beautiful body I have and it's all mine. Let me be aware of that." It's a mentality that you have to develop over time." 

2. Get to actually know your body.
"Close your eyes. It's really hard to embrace certain parts of your body so learn to be comfortable with a body scan. Start with your face. Touch your nose, cheeks, lips and acknowledge them. Then move downward." 

3. Stop thinking about your appearence.
"Don't always fixate so much on your physical body. Connect more with your inner self and what you love about your personality and quirks. Learn to embrace *every* part and that can help you embrace the physical as well."

4. It's your mind, not your body, that's the problem. 
"Finding love for your body can help you find love for yourself as a whole. A lot of times the struggle you have with your body stems from your emotions and inner struggles even problems with your family or friends or past traumas. It's helped me connect more with myself instead of ignoring my true feelings and who I am."

What has helped *you* love your body? Tell us in the comments! 

We want to hear from you! Send us your weirdest body questions here (seriously, we'll answer anything!) and it just might get featured.

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by Amanda Tarlton | 11/17/2017