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Why you should stay away from scented stuff down there

As you go from teen to woman, you're going to have *so* many questions about all the weird stuff that’s happening down there. Odor may be a big concern for you but the truth is, it’s totally normal. Here’s everything you need to know about scented wipes, tampons, pads, and washes.

Taking care of your vagina properly is a big deal, and finding what products work best for you can make your period a lot easier. When using regular tampons for an extended period of time, you can run the risk of getting Toxic Shock Syndrome, or TSS, so you can probably imagine that scented products leave your lady parts extra sensitive.

Scented products can produce more bacteria and lead to infections and discomfort. Plus, the perfume will actually worsen the natural odor down there because the perfume doesn’t eliminate the odor, it just mixes, leading to an even weirder smell.

Your vagina has a pH level between 3.5 and 4.5. Washes and wipes with perfume can actually throw that level of because it’s getting rid of the good bacterias that are taking care of your lady parts.

The important thing to know is, vaginal odor is totally normal! It’s actually super important that you’re aware of your natural odor because it can tell you what’s going on with how healthy you are down there. So, there’s no need to worry about your scents. If you need to freshen up, your best bet is mild soap and warm water, trust.

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by Bella Torres | 11/23/2017