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Can going outside with wet hair make you sick?

There are probably mornings when you're rushing to get to school and you hop out of the shower with freshly washed hair...then head right out the door with your strands still sopping wet. If this is you (no shame), then you've likely heard your mom warn you that you're going to get sick. 

While moms usually know best, she's actually wrong on this one. (No offense!) If anything, you shouldn't leave the house with wet hair on a freezing cold day because it's super uncomfortable...but no, you don't have to worry about catching a cold or the flu. Why? Colds are an infection caused by a virus, and in order to get a virus, you have to come in contact with it. The virus won't automatically find you just because your hair is wet and it's below 40 degrees outside. 

Now you may be thinking that it's perfectly fine to run outside with a wet head but that's not necessarily the case either, especially if it is really really cold outside. Very cold weather puts stress on the body, which can affect your immune system and in extreme cases, cause hypothermia. You want to keep your immune system as strong and as healthy as possible so that if you do get a cold, you can fight it off more easily.

So, do yourself a favor and wear your coat, put on a hat and try to limit those rushed morning hair wash sessions. If your hair is super dirty, go for dry shanpoo, a mesy bun or a cute dad cap and wash your hair later that night.

Did you know this was a myth? How often do you leave the house with wet hair in the winter? 

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by Lauren McMillan | 12/5/2017
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