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5 tricks to tame your staticky tresses

Frizz alert!! Do you ever struggle with frizzy, staticky hair? We feel your pain. Try these tips and tricks for taming those tresses. 

Spray your comb with a spritz of hairspray before running it through your hair. We know it sounds a bit sticky, but it works. Trust us.

Metal comb
Plastic combs or plastic bristles are gentle, but they can also make your hair staticky. Metal combs that have teeth placed far apart help reduce friction and lessen frizz.

Dryer sheets
This tip is given again and again, but that’s just because it works. Next time you're having a staticky hair day, try running a dryer sheet through it. Some even suggest running a dryer sheet over your hair brush. (Hey whatever works, right?)

Water is a temporary fix. But if you're out and about with no other options water will do the trick.

Hydrating your hair with moisturizer will keep your hair from becoming dry and staticky. 

What tricks do you use for staicky hair? Let us know in the comments below.

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by Alyshia Hull | 2/18/2018
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