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4 types of headaches and how to relieve them

Headaches are terrible and those of us that get 'em, hate 'em. They can be a mild inconvenience or super painful—affecting your ability to enjoy your day. So read on for the breakdown of what type of headache you've got, what causes them and how to alleviate them when you get them.

The most painful type of headaches are migraines. Migraines tend to affect half of your face. They are long-lasting and they typically come with impaired vision and hearing...and sometimes vomiting. If you’re experiencing a migraine it is best to speak to a doctor. To help alleviate the symptoms: turn off your lights, put a warm compress on your head and take a nap. Make sure you ask anyone around you to keep the noise down—sounds make it worse!

Tension headaches are typically caused by stress. They feel like your head is being clamped up and occur behind your forehead. The best way to deal with tension headaches is relaxation. A warm bath in dim lighting followed by a nap should help. For reducing them in the long run: try to keep your sleep schedule well and your stress levels down.

Sinus headaches are typically accompanied with a cold or sinus infection. The pain is felt behind the brow bone and the cheekbone. Clearing your nasal cavities is the best way to help with a sinus headache. Talk to your doctor about your options.

This type of headache must be diagnosed before you can be certain you have it. It is typically described as a pain behind one of your eyes. It can occur continuously for many weeks.

The best way to help headaches is to treat your body right. Getting plenty of sleep eat well and try to exercised regularly.

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by India Afriyie | 4/25/2018
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