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Real answer for all your awkward bod Q's

Okay let’s be real, growing up is confusing. So many new things are going on with your body and in your life. You just don’t know what to expect! The Real Talk app is the place to go if you have questions or stories you want to share. 

The app lets you post anonymously detailing your experience and questions. Stories cover all sorts of topics from bullying to sex, and all submissions are welcome. Their motto says it all “Real Stories by Real Teens,” so you know you can count on each post to be genuine and relevant. 

Whether your school does or doesn’t offer sex education, you might have some questions, and that's normal! You aren’t the only one who can’t figure out why they have a crush on someone unexpected, or why all these bumps have suddenly started appearing on their face.

Sex education isn’t all about what you see in the movies, and it includes things of much more serious topics, like how to stay safe and healthy. It even covers things that are much more basic, like why you're attracted to someone. If your mind is spinning, or your face is turning red right now that’s okay, it’s all part of getting older. 

This app is here for you to learn what other teens are going through and it gives you the opportunity to share some of your own experiences. If you have a question or scenario you want to talk about but are too embarrassed to address with your parents, write it down. No need to have a blush-faced conversation with your mom—although remember, your parents have a wealth of information so if you can work up the courage, talk to them!

You can download the Real Talk app in the app store, and learn more about it HERE

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by Cassie Doyle-Hines | 5/9/2018
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