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What are your stomach aches telling you?

I think we can all agree stomach aches are *the worst,* but what is your body really trying to tell you? Although it may feel like it, your bod actually isn’t trying to torture you. Read the causes below that might be responsible for your tummy troubles. 

Food allergies or sensitivities 
Food allergies have many reactions, anywhere from life-threatening to mildly uncomfortable. If you notice your stomach hurting every time you eat a certain food, try not eating it for a little while (a week at the minimum) and see if that helps. Even if you’re not completely allergic to a food, you could have a sensitivity towards it, making it difficult to digest. Be sure to check the ingredients in some of your fave foods to make sure nothing could be upsetting your belly that's on the list. 

Ahhh, stress, the root of all problems. Notice your stomach start hurting right around when you have that big test? Be sure to take a moment for yourself, and do some stress relieving activities like yoga or meditation. Just a few minutes of relaxation a day could put a halt to your tummy troubles. 

Your period
Is it your time of the month? Some girls get severe cramps right around their period. These cramps can sometimes feel like stomach aches when in reality they can be solved with a heating pad or some pain relievers. Make sure to check your calendar before running to the doctor. 

Eating too much sugarless gum
Whhhaaattt? Sugarless gum could be the cause of your painful belly aches. There are two reasons for this, one crazy cause is that when you chew gum, you naturally swallow air, in turn causing you to bloat. Who knew? The second reason your gum could be causing you issues is that in order for gum to be sugar-free it contains sugar alcohols, which are very difficult for our bodies to digest. Next time you go to pick up your fave gum, think twice.

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by Cassie Doyle-Hines | 5/22/2018
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