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Should I shave my body hair?

There are a lot of opinions around the question of if you should shave your body hair. GL is here to set the record straight: it is completely your choice!

Don't let societal expectations, friends, boys or anyone else tell you what you should do with *your* body. Shaving is a personal decision that you have *entire* control over. Shaving or not shaving are both totally acceptable options—just do whatever makes you feel the most *confident* in your skin.

Body hair is completely natural and beautiful as it is, but you can also choose to shave certain areas and grow out others. Arms, legs and armpits are some areas where girls feel insecure about having hair, but there is no need to be embarrassed about it. Other people's opinions about your body hair do not matter. It is your body, and you should feel confident and beautiful in whatever decision you choose to make.

If you're wondering what you should do, check out these real-life stories from girls who explain why they chose to shave or not to shave:

Hannah, 15: "I used to shave my arm hair because it's dark and long, and I noticed that most of my friends' arm hair wasn't as noticeable. After a couple of months of doing this, I got pretty sick of it and didn't like shaving every few days. So, I decided to grow it out, and I felt so much better. I was so worried about what people would think, but no one commented on it. I learned to love how my arm hair looks."

Jane, 14: "I shave my legs because I personally like how my smooth legs feel. My leg hair irritates me sometimes and itches, so I choose to shave them, and I feel more comfortable doing it."

Bethany, 16: "I don't shave my body hair because it makes me feel powerful. I like to go against dated societal expectations of girls and do what makes me feel beautiful. I love my body hair, and I think body hair looks amazing on everyone."

Deciding whether or not to shave may seem like a huge deal since there are so many standards and expectations. However, it's actually pretty simple: Just do what makes you feel the best! No one's opinions should change your decision, because it is *not* their body. Don't feel ashamed of your body hair either, because you are *beautiful* just the way you are. It is up to you, so do what will make you feel happiest!

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by Lily Baker | 1/27/2021