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10 questions every girl has asked about her body

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It can be majorly frustrating when your body's changing and you don't know what to do about it. But we're sure that *every* girl has been there and asked all of these same questions at least once in her life (we certainly have!). You're def not alone.

Why haven't I had my first period? When will it come?

It can be super annoying if all of your friends have gotten their periods and you still haven't. Don't stress—it'll come eventually! Some girls get theirs for the first time when they're 11, and others might not get theirs until they're 16. Both are totally normal. If you're worried, talk to your doc and she'll tell you all you need to know. 

I feel like I have really hairy arms. Do I need to shave?

Don't feel like you have to shave your arms if you don't want to. Just like shaving your legs, this is a personal choice that's 100% up to you. Some girls do, and some girls don't, and both are totally OK. Click here for even more info about this Q.

Is it normal to break out in a cold sweat when I see my crush? How do I make it stop?

Even the coolest person in school gets butterflies when they see their crush—it's natural! Some people feel shaky, scared or even stressed when they spot the person they like. Try taking a few deep breaths or drinking some water to settle your nerves. Then relax, smile and give the cutie a casual wave. 

I just got my first bra. Why is it so uncomfortable?

Wearing any new bra can take time to get used to. First of all, make sure it's the right size and style you want. Then, give yourself time to get used to it. Still uncomfy after a few days? Try investing in a softer, comfier one to get yourself off the ground if this bra isn't the right fit for you.

It feels like I've had acne forever. Does it ever go away?

Acne is so much more prevalent during your teen years (we know, such a pain—literally). It's also a symptom of PMS, so you could break out before and during your period. In the meantime, there's def some medications or lifestyle changes you can make to deal with it, like Rachel talks about here. Literally *everyone* has had it, though, even the coolest celebs you see on Insta—so don't worry!

Sometimes I cry at the silliest movies or get angry at the drop of a hat. Am I the only one?

You def aren't the only one! We've all felt super strong emotions at one time or another, and when we go through puberty, even more so. Your body is releasing so many hormones, and it's not just your body that notices—your brain does too! The best way to handle? It's totally OK to let yourself feel how you're feeling. There's usually a pretty good reason.

I noticed some hair above my upper lip. Am I supposed to shave or wax it?

Well, you don't have to do anything about the peach fuzz you might notice on your face! Everyone has it. But if you feel self-conscious about it and want to try hair removal, you can shave or wax, whichever you feel most comfortable with. If you choose to shave, we recommend using a facial razor, a smaller razor that will allow you more movement. If you choose to wax, try a wax strip kit, and try it with a parent or guardian the first time, so you have a little extra help!

Can other people tell when I have my period?

Not unless you tell them! We know being on your period can make you feel a little self-conscious, but nobody else is going to notice unless you ask your girlfriends for a tampon or tell your parents that you're dealing with cramps.

Is it true that if I shave my legs, the hair grows back thicker?

This is one of those age-old questions carried down for generations, and here's the definitive answer: Nope! Shaved hair doesn't grow back thicker. The truth? Because the hair is blunt cut with a razor it grows back with a sharper edge, which is why your legs feel prickly a few days after shaving. But your hair doesn't change besides that.

Is vaginal discharge normal? I notice I have it more before my period starts.

Vaginal discharge is so normal, and everyone has it. It can also appear thicker or heavier leading up to your period, which just means your hormones are getting ready for your period. You have nothing to worry about, but if you notice your discharge is chunky, yellow or green, or has a strong odor, you might want to check in with your doctor.

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by GL | 2/17/2021