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Period problems *every* girl can relate to

Ugh, periods. Annoying, inconvenient and honestly, one of the banes of female existence. But we all gotta deal with 'em. From cramps to leaks to bloating, there are definitely some period struggles that we can all relate to.

Bleeding through your white jeans and having to wear your bestie's sweatshirt around your waist for the rest of the day

Why does it *always* have to be white pants on those days?

Sprinting to the bathroom immediately after getting up in the morning

The mad dash to grab a tampon or a pad before Niagara Falls begins? Never have we ever run as fast in our life.

Needing a tampon from the vending machine but not having any quarters in your pocket

They should *def* invent a period vending machine that accepts credit cards or Venmo, because who even carries coins around anymore? 

Having to suffer through soccer practice because telling your coach that you have cramps seems like a lame excuse

Debilitating period cramps are no joke. Why aren't they considered a valid reason to opt out occasionally?

Secretly rifling through your purse to try and find a pad, and then having to sneak it to the bathroom

Can we puh-lease de-stigmatize carrying around feminine hygiene products? We're tired of having to stuff our tampons up our sleeves.

Craving junk food *all* the time

There's actually a reason why you crave sweets during that time of the month. During your menstrual cycle, your hormones and insulin levels increase, leading to a drop in blood sugar. Hellooooo, carb and sugar cravings. 

The period walk

Pretty self-explanatory, tbh.

How your period always happens to show up before a beach vacay

Never fails, bb. If you've got a spring break getaway planned, chances are that your period will make an appearance. Ugh, can we *ever* just sunbathe in peace?

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by Kathleen O'Neill | 2/19/2021