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The best boob advice from real teens

Let's be real, no one *loves* talking about their boobs. Even though it's 2021 and we know that all chests—big, small and everywhere in between—are wonderful, that doesn't mean it's not *totally* normal to still have questions about your chest. We understand that asking for boob advice yourself can be uncomfortable, which is why we talked to six teens to find out what their biggest piece of boob-related advice is. Curious to know what they said? Keep reading to find out....

“If you don’t already have a boob skincare routine, you need one ASAP. So many people have nine-step facial regimens but don’t think twice about chest skincare. Wash up with a mild soap, try products containing tea tree oil, exfoliate gently and even try a body polish or boob mask [yep, those exist]. Your skin will thank you.” – Adrienne S., 18

"Nipple chafing is real, especially for my fellow summer athletes out there. Put a tiny bit of Vaseline or even adhesive tape between your nipple and sports bra. And avoid cotton bras when you’re headed on a run...splurge on the moisture-wicking athletic garments instead.” - Ronni V., 16

"Sometimes I feel jealous of girls with the 'perfect' size boobs [in my opinion]. What's helped is actually asking them what it's like to have that size. Realizing the pitfalls of having a bigger chest actually made me feel pretty thankful that I don't have to deal with any of those things. There is no 'ideal' body shape that will make you feel more confident. It comes from within." – Sunny I., 18

"If you have larger breasts and aren't comfy with cleavage, it’s still possible to dress cute and trendy! I love to layer a plain, solid color T-shirt under any sundress. I add a pendant necklace and I’m good to, I can wear my most supportive bra underneath with no one seeing.” – Kenzie B., 15

“Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! I’ve been there...rocking an adorable bikini for a long pool day and coming home to a no-joke burn. It’s bad for your health *and* your look, so it’s time to level up this year. Apply SPF to your cleavage and chest area multiple times when you’re out in the sun—even on cloudy days.” – Mariah T., 17

“When you feel something weird on your breast, avoid the urge to Google. Instead, confide in a friend or relative [or call your doctor] and ask if they’ve felt the same thing themselves. Chances are your ‘bizarre’ symptom is actually just a normal part of puberty...and nothing to worry about.” – Nell M., 14

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by Katherine Hammer and Claire Hutto | 6/27/2021