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My butt is crooked!

I have a lopsided butt, and it looks weird in some of the jeans I wear. Can I do some exercises to even things out?

The first thing you should do is have your school nurse give you a fair booty assessment, suggests Dr. James Chlovechok, medical director at The Ohio Sports Medicine Institute. You could have scoliosis, a common disorder—2 to 3 percent of people have it—with which the spine is curved and can result in one butt cheek being higher than the other. Bend forward at your waist and have the nurse trace your spine with her finger. Is your spine straight? If so, all’s well. But if your spine is bending, see your doctor about it. (Don’t freak, most people with scoliosis bet by just fine.) Now, if you’ve ruled out scoliosis, and your butt is still bugging you, you can exercise to make it less lopsided. “Walking or running 15 to 20 minutes every day will develop your buttocks muscles equally,” explains Kristen Gagne, personal training manager at Equinox in Woodbury, N.Y. Avoid snowboarding or any other sport in which you favor one side because that develops muscles unevenly. “Also, try stepping up and down on the curb on one side for 60 seconds, then on the other for 60 more. Do this 10 times on each side.” And no butts about it: You are probably the only one who notices your uneven rump.

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by GL | 2/1/2016
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