Your Bod

Am I stuck with straight strands?

My hair won’t curl. I’ll hold a curling iron in for 10 minutes and… nothing. How do I get curls?

“The problem might be your curling technique,” says Bok-hee from Bumble and bumble. The secret to getting all-over curl is to avoid soaking hair with styling products. Hair is ready to curl when it’s slightly damp, not sopping wet with lotions or water. Lightly spritz hair with water or Bumble and bumble’s Prep, a curling primer.

Instead of curling from the bottom, start at the crown. Twist the barrel of the curling iron, and wrap your hair around it to get a curl from root to end. Section off small chunks so your hair lies in one flat layer on the barrel of the iron. To remove the iron, pull downward for a natural-looking spiral. You can also try hot rollers. Work in sections small enough for hair to lie flat and not spill off ends. Leave in until cool.

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by GL | 2/1/2016