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25 *greatest* Girls' Life quizzes (of all time)

Ah, quizzes. Whether you want to figure out your personality type or which fast food determines your future bae, there's a quiz for every occasion. Girls' Life has made plenty of quizzes over our wonderful 25 years of publication—below are the 25 greatest. Take one (or all) of them, and share your results below!

1. What kind of cat are you?

Cats are majorly adorable—but you already knew that! Take this quiz to find out which kind of cat you are.

2. Does your Instagram reflect the real you?



In the digital age, it can be easy to curate the *perf* version of your life on social media. But authenticity should always be a priority. Check out this quiz to see if your Insta is true to you.

3. Is your crush flirting or just being friendly?

Mixed signals are notoriously the toughest signals to decipher. This quiz will help you clarify where you're at with your bae.

4. What's your love language?

Everyone shows their love a little differently. Take this quiz to see how you express your romantic side.

5. How healthy is your diet?

Eating healthy requires a lot of effort—and sometimes, cutting out junk food isn't enough. Take this quiz to get a quick assessment of your diet—and always consult with your physician, ofc.

6. What prom dress totally matches your personality?

Whether your prom is in one year or five, it's never too soon to start dreaming of dresses. This quiz will give you the perf dress to match your personality.

7. Answer these random Q's and we'll tell you what day you'd be "Stuck" in



Countless shows and movies, including the Brat webseries Stuck, involve a poor character reliving the same say over and over again. Prepare for this improbable-but-so-fun scenario by taking our quiz.

8.  Find your dream career with this quiz



We all have different ideas of what we want to be when we grow up, and this quiz helps you match your ambitions to a career.

9. Which Disney dog are you?

From the Hound in The Fox & The Hound to Mickey's best furry friend Pluto, the lineup of Disney dogs is endless. Click this quiz to find out which pup you embody.

10. What artistic talent are you meant to have?



Art is such a great outlet for self-expression. If you haven't found the perfect medium for your creativity, you're missing out! Take this quiz and you'll be on the path to artistic stardom in no time.

11. What role do you play in your squad?

Every girl lucky enough to have a #squad has wondered what her place is. Are you the mom friend, or the fashionable one? This quiz will let you know all the deets.

12. Could you be Justin's girlfriend?

This quiz might be a little dated, but it's fun to take a brief trip into fantasyland and answer the eternal question: did you have a chance with the Biebs?

13. What's your cash-itude?

Money makes the world go 'round—but you don't want to break the bank. Check your money sense with this *free* quiz.

14. Are you the go-to girl?

Test how well your friends can rely on you with this fun quiz.

15. Is your relationship with Mom stellar or not-so-hot?

It doesn't have to be Mother's Day for you to hang with your mom, but it can be good to take a step back and look at your relationship. This quiz will help put things into perspective.

16. Who's your celeb BFF?

There's no harm in wondering which famous figure you'd go bowling with. Get your answers by taking this quiz.

17.  Which Disney princess are you?

This quiz is another throwback—in the sense that some of your faves like Tiana and Moana weren't a thing yet. But of the OG princesses, you can be sure to find which royal lady you match up with.

18. What will you wear tomorrow based on your fave celebs?

A little divination can lead to major fashion inspiration. Pick out your fave celebs and we'll tell you what to wear tomorrow with this psychic quiz

19. Are you broken up or on a break?

So many tricky guy sitches, so little time. This fast quiz will give you a second opinion on whether you and your guy are done for good, or just for now.

20. What is the best lip color for you?

Taylor Swift's iconic red lip, or something a little more out there—like Shrek green. Which color should grace your pout, according to this quiz?

21. Which fictional school is made for you?



If your letter from Hogwarts never arrived, don't despair. This quiz will tell you if that's where you belong—or if another fictional school is calling your name.

22. What kind of journal should *you* keep?

A diary isn't the only thing a blank notebook is meant for. From bullet journals to sketchbooks, peep this quiz to find out what your journal style is.

23. Can we guess what your go-to pizza order is?

Pizza will never go out of style. The fan-favorite food is the feature of this classic GL quiz—check it out, and tell us if we guess correctly!

24. What Halloween candy are you?

It might not be spooky season, but Halloween candy can be enjoyed year round. Take this quiz to find out which sweet treat you would be.

25. Which Gossip Girl are you?

We're rounding out our list with the first quiz ever published on While Gossip Girl might not be on air anymore, the iconic characters and series-long mystery have carried the show to legendary status. You can take the quiz here

Which of these quizzes is your fave? + can you believe that Girls' Life is turning 25? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


by Bailey Bujnosek | 8/20/2019