Blush Much

This prom wardrobe malfunction will make you cringe!

Last year when I was getting ready for prom, I was trying to find my bra so I could put my dress on. My sister and mom found it in the dryer, but it was still damp. I didn't have time for it dry all the way and I was freaking out—my sister even tried to dry it with a blow dryer! Eventually I thought it was dry enough, so I put it on and then put on my dress. My date picked me up and we took pictures, some with the flash on. We then walked outside to the car, my best friend kept looking back at me nervously. I was confused, but soon after I received a picture message of me and my boobs had wet spots on them!! I was so embarrassed that when we got to dinner, I hid out in the bathroom until it completely dried.

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by GL | 5/17/2017