Blush Much

OMG! This girl’s iPad background *totally* gave away her crush

We use iPads in my school so we all personalize our backgrounds with cute pics and stuff like that. I recently took my first pic with my crush and *of course* I had to make it my background STAT. It was supposed to be for my eyes only, but when my math teacher caught me playing a game when I was supposed to be studying she confiscated my iPad and brought it back with her to her desk. She must have pressed the home button at some point because while she walked up the asile back to her desk, the entire class saw the HUGE picture of me and my crush as my background. To make matters worse, my crush sits right up front in that class and he saw his own face and then turned around and said, "Is that me on your screen?!" UGH!

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by GL | 10/21/2019
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