Blush Much

This girl's little sister totally exposed her in front of her crush

"I was in Zoom class, and I was put into a breakout room with my crush. I was *so* excited. Unfortunately, I share a room with my 10-year-old sister. She heard me say "Hi Zack!" as the breakout room started, and she came running over to look at him. I immediately regretted telling her my crush's name, because she yelled out, "HIIII ZACK! ERICA DREAMS ABOUT YOU!" (She has absolutely no filter!) I shoved her out of the shot, but Zack's face was in pure shock. I panicked and straight up left the whole Zoom! That's the last time I do class in the same room as my little sister. YIKES." -Erica B.

Slider and top image: FreePik

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by GL | 2/2/2022