Blush Much

Blush Much? Monkey Plays Peek-A-Boo


I was at my friends house and we (as in eight girls and seven super hot guys) were all eating lunch there. I was wearing my favorite striped halter top and thinking I looked pretty cute. We were all in a little line for the pizza and I was last. By the time I was in the front of the line everyone got behind me and started gasping, giggling, snickering, laughing, and whispering. When I turned to face them, they all looked like evil culprits hiding something from me. My BFF grabbed my arm and took me to the bathroom. She turned me around so my back was facing the mirror and told me to turn my head. I looked back and I saw my bra with the words "Hot Girl" and monkeys sticking out of my halter! I didn't realize how low my halter was in the back and forgot to see if my bra peeked through. I was too embarrassed to go back so I just sneaked back home. I never even got one piece of pizza that day.

-Anonymous '

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9/2/2007 12:30:18 PM
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