Blush Much

There *is* such thing as too much school spirit


Well, I don't get embarrassed easily. Trips and falls? Part of my daily routine. But this was pretty bad. I was super psyched for '80s day at my junior high. I hit up my aunt for some old '80s swag and put together a super cute (and super '80s) outfit. I went all out with the big collar-less sweatshirt over leggings and over-the-top hair and jewelry. I thought I was looking pretty dang good when I left the house. That was before my friend broke the news to me that 80's day wasn't until next Thursday! I was pretty embarrassed. On the plus side, I had my whole homeroom class busting up laughing for the rest of the day, that was kind of fun.

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by GL | 3/1/2018
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