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Design Duck Tape couture...and win cash for college!

Are you a high school honey headed to prom this year? Then check out this contest from Duck Tape! You could win a $5,000 cash scholarship for college, just by showing off your fab sense of style and designing a custom dress for prom.

These glam gowns were created by creative high school girls just like you. 

What’s Stuck at Prom?
The Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest challenges students to create and accessorize their prom outfits with Duck Tape, then wear them to prom for a chance to win scholarship cash prizes. CLICK HERE to check out the official website for Stuck at Prom.

When’s the deadline?
Check out this calendar for all the important dates you need to know...

What could I win?
The memories you’ll make while creating your custom Stuck at Prom dress—and then rocking it at prom—are priceless. But college, however, is not. Luckily, Duck Tape is gifting 10 winning couples with cash scholarships for college.

First Place: $5,000 each

Second Place: $3,000 each
Third Place: $2,000 each

The seven remaining "runners up" couples will each receive $500. The school that hosted a winning couples' prom will also receive the same prize amount for that winner. (Example: The school of the first place winner will receive $5,000, the school of the second place winner will receive $3,000, and so on.)
Expert fashion advice to help you get started
To get inspired, GL’s fashion experts suggest making a style board—either with magazine cutouts or on Pinterest!—and collecting images of your favorite dresses. Or,  CLICK HERE to get ideas from the 2011 Stuck at Prom gallery.

Helpful how-tos for making your dress
The Duck Brand YouTube channel has easy tutorials for making purses, jewelry, cell cases and more. CLICK HERE for instructions to make all your Stuck at Prom accessories.

Want more facts? Have more questions?
CLICK HERE to check out the Stuck at Prom FAQs page.

Here’s the important part.
Before you begin, make sure to review the official Stuck at Prom contest rules. CLICK HERE to check ‘em out.
Are you designing a Stuck at Prom dress? Are you a pro at DIY Duck Tape crafts? Share your tips with other GL girls right here in the comments!
by GL | 2/1/2016