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10 lessons for wanna-be princesses... and a prize!

Target—alongside Dame Julie Andrews—has declared this week National Princess Week. We are so on board with that. Pass the tiara and summon your best Queen Elizabeth II wave. After all, nobody said Kate’s cornered the market on all things royal, right? 


We can’t think of a better instructor in our princess lessons than Julie herself. Thankfully, the spunky, spirited and always entertaining characters she’s played on the big screen—and, yeah, her real-life self, too—are right-on when it comes to how any perfectly poised princess (that’d be you!) should act. Ready for school?


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    Be confident in Y-O-U


    Julie’s character Maria in The Sound of Music peps herself up with a song. Get tuneful yourself, or find another way to bolster your self-esteem. Then go tackle the world!

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    Give back


    While preparing for National Princess Week, Julie’s daughter Emma researched princesses all over the world. “I was reminded once again of the extraordinary work that princesses do in the world—the contributions, causes they champion and the amount of good and service they contribute,” she says. “I think princesses can be an incredible example to young women on how to be strong and feminine at the same time.”

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    Pamper yourself


    “You need your beauty sleep!” says Julie and her daughter, Emma. “Make a simple princess canopy out of tulle to hang over your bed, or place a lavender sachet underneath your pillow for the full effect (but it’s best to forego any peas under the mattress).”

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    Believe in a li’l magic


    Mary Poppins—practically perfect in every way—is famous for her no-nonsense approach to life…but still, she knows legit magic when she sees it, and isn’t afraid to dive right in. Whether it’s the power of friendship, love or community, know that you can wield a fair amount of magic, too. Just make sure you use it for good, natch.

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    Make an entrance


    “Learn how to step into and out of a carriage (cab, limo, car) with grace,” Julie and Emma decree. Here’s how: Turn your body slightly sideways, and step in with the foot closer to the carriage (or car). Bend forward slightly and lower yourself onto the seat. Draw your outside leg in after you. You can also keep both legs together and sit first, then draw them up and in after you. Do the reverse when exiting.

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    Remember: Family comes first


    Sure, Julie’s Queen of Far, Far Away was a little misguided, but still, she did everything she could to help her family thrive. Just…before you lock someone in a tower, it might be good to get a second opinion. That’s what besties are for, right?

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    Chin up


    “Princesses are very mindful of their posture and body language experts say that good posture portrays confidence and security,” Julie and Emma say. “So drop your shoulders, stand up straight and hold your head high. Imagine you are wearing a crown at all times.”

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    While getting dressed in your best is all well and good, your best accessory is your smile, Julie says, so wear it proudly.

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    Be gracious


    Sometimes, it’s hard to be nice—just ask Cinderella. But letting yourself become bitter and nasty because of one event or another is no way to live life. Push the temptation to morph into mean girl mode aside and ask yourself, “What would Julie do?” Yep, that’s what we thought.

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    Do what’s right, not what’s easy


    It would have been easy for Mia Thermopolis to remain an ordinary high schooler. But it wouldn’t have been right for her to turn her back on an opportunity to do so much good in the world—and the so-elegant Queen Clarisse guided her every step of the way. Whether you’re coming up against a bully or an unfair rule, don’t be so quick to hurry in the opposite direction. You can make change happen—all you have to do is try.


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    WIN BIG!


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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016
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