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The Twinklets Are Here!

Crazy cute and colorful, Twinklets are taking over! They’ve slid down a rainbow from their home in Crystal Land, each decked out in a vivid color that matches their sparkling personalities.
Which Twinklet are you? Pick the one that matches your personality…or snag the whole bunch!!
BABY JEWEL        JASPER           J.J              JOLIE          JAX      JULIUS       
Check out the main characters!

Baby Jewel is the littlest Twinklet!
The happy, loyal dog, Jasper, enjoys eating and relaxing with his BFFs.
J.J is the leader of the pack and craves adventures and excitement.

Jolie, the little princess and center-of-attention, loves a good party.

Jax the elegant and sophisticated cat, spends her time grooming and relaxing in the sun.

They’ve invited other friends from Crystal Land, like Julius, the cheeky house mouse, to join them on their U.S. adventure.

What gives Twinklets their sparkle? Their eyes, feet, and radiant hearts are made with real Swarovksi crystals. Fancy! There’s also an entire line of glistening accessories—charm bracelets, cell phone charms, key chains and jewelry. They’re an adorable way to add a little bling.
Sparkling Fun!
Check out Twinklets stories, play games, grab some cool downloads and sign up for the chance to win prizes at the Twinklets Club at

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9/1/2008 1:00:00 AM
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