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November’s Digital Diva Giveaway!

Are you a total digital diva?! Get charged for this month’s high-tech ride with GL! We’re dishing out all the hottest gadgets and gizmos galore!

If you’re super tired of sportin’ your ginormous black-and-white cellie and luggin’ around that old school CD player that sputters out your fave jams, we gotcha, girl. Technology has never been hotter! Sport the trendiest tech pieces from a totally adorable Sansa Fuze MP3 player from SanDisk to a hot audio video player from Phillips. Blast this fall’s hottest jams with spankin’ speakers from Logitech and capture your precious moments with a chic digi-cam from Casio or Nickeledoeon’s Npower iCarly camcorder!

But oh wait, there’s loads more! Spice up your cell piece with your fave images from, wake up to Cygnett’s GrooveToons speaker and alarm clock for eye-poppin’ jams or work your vocals with a Disney Vocal Trainer set! Lookin’ for more adventure? Spy along with Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek for Wii video game. It’s your chance to nab the hottest giveaways of the year!

WANNA WIN? Download the November Giveaway Calendar or just check out the Giveaway of the Day box on, for deets.

You can also enter as many times as you want to win the GRAND PRIZE: The pay-as-you-go cellular service company, Kajeet, is totally hookin’ up one lucky social butterfly with a pretty in pink Katana cellie phone! Top this win with $605 in refill credit, totaling to $704!! Hotness! Check it out at

ENTER NOW to score today’s chance for Kajeet’s Katana phone plus refill credit. Then come back tomorrow to enter again! 
11/1/2008 7:00:00 AM
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