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The Ultimate Giveaway for Crafty Girls!

Did you catch the awesome crafts in the December/January issue? Well, our friends at Kids Can Press produced all that and more. And they want you to get crafty, too. That’s why they’re giving away the ENTIRE SERIES to one lucky girl.

The awesome Planet Girl series is an instructional manual for all of you creative, artsy and independent gals out there. Read on below for more details on each of the Planet Girl books.

Got money worries? Then flip open this guide to saving cents and start reading. You’ll learn the smartest and easiest ways to spend (and save!) money wisely. It’s sure to be a hit with Mom and Dad.

Ever wished you were as talented as the designers on Project Runway? Have no fear! Everywear will teach you everything from sewing tricks to chic tips on bargain shopping.  You might not make it to Bryant Park, but Planet Girl’s unique and crafty fashion advice will be sure to get you noticed.

Fully Woolly
Looking for an entertaining and cheap activity on a rainy day? Fully Woolly’s got a great list of 18 awesome fashion projects, involving knitting, sewing, felting and even crocheting. Plus, they include detailed project instructions. Do-it-yourself just
became a whole lot easier!
The ultimate guide to all things denim! Learn ways to transform your oldest, raggediest pair of jeans into something cool, practical and stylish. From purses and slippers to skirts and tops, this book shows you all the great ways to recycle and reuse your jeans.

Strike a Pose

Stressed out? Planet Girl’s got the answer. This book is your how-to manual for yoga, including pictures, illustrations and specific explanations of how yoga works to relax your body and calm your mind.

Stuff to Hold Your Stuff

Ditch your old dirty backpack or tote in favor of the funky and unique styles that Planet Girl offers in another do-it-yourself guide. Follow project instructions and you will soon have created your own personalized bag without breaking the bank. Sounds good to me!

TO ENTER! CLICK HERE by January 15.

Visit the Kids Can Press web site HERE to learn more—or even order a book for yourself!

11/18/2008 4:00:00 PM
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