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Jam with Disney’s Ultimate Band

Listen up wannabe musicians. Disney Interactive Studios has a brand new game that you’re sure to love! With the new Ultimate Band for Wii and DS, you can magically transform into the rocker of your dreams—no expensive, snazzy instruments required!

We took a stab at the jammin’ Wii game and, even though our arms are a tad tired from rockin’ the remote and nunchuck a little too hard, we just had to share all the fabulous deets that, well, make this game fab! Check it out…

The Band
Create your rockers just the way you want them to look, from hair straight down to their clothes! With a four-member band, you can ask your friends to join in, or just take on a roll all by yourself. Bang out on the drums (our personal fave! It feels so realistic), rock the lead or base guitar, or punch and pose your way around the stage as the ultimate front man (no singing skills required!).

The Performances
Not an Ultimate Band pro? You can take a few minutes to learn the tricks with easy tutorials.  From clapping the remote and nunchuck together, or swinging them from side to side, you’ll quickly find yourself pressing “start” on the exciting part:  going on tour, unlocking venues and songs along the way. From choosing the easy, normal, or hard level, how well you perform totally fuels how crazy the crowd reacts to YOU. Oh, and if you’re skills aren’t up to par? You totally fail! Let your inner rockstar shine through!

Battle it Out
Grab a friend and go head-to-head against the same song and instrument in the clever battle mode. Sibling rivalry just got a lot more interesting!

The Jams
Ultimate Band is geared to teens, tweens and their families, so the music caters to girls just like you! With over 30 songs from hot artists like Pink, The Jonas Brothers, Weezer and more, this game will lend to hours of fun. The songs are even re-mastered so they’re performed in the gender of the front man. Pretty nifty, right?!

The game’s already out in stores, but for more info, CLICK HERE then come back and let us know what you think of the game!
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12/29/2008 7:00:00 AM
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