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Mercury is in retograde this April...find out what it means for your sign



July 23 - Aug 22

The first half of April we'll experience the Mercury Retrograde which heightens our level of confusion. The key this month for—all signs—is communication, inward reflecting and reassessing our commitments. 

Leo, your passions may drive you, but take caution when making any risky decisions. Making new friendships or finding your tribe who can keep up with your high energy may seem difficult this month. Instead of focusing on any outward gains take a step back to reassess yourself and your close circle of friends and family. You feel a need to help others even if it takes a lot of time and energy. You are warm-hearted and generous, use your skills to help friends and family. Is your bestie struggling with calc and you happen to be a math wiz? Offer to help her study.

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