Survey Says

What makes you happy?

We know you love hanging with your besties, and how great it feels when the dude you've been digging for years finally flashes you a grin. But we wanna know how you make yourself feel fab when you're feeling blue. Do you blast your favorite song? Do you flip through old pictures? Do you grab a container of bubbles and send 'em floating around your bedroom? Take our happiness survey below and tell us what makes your frown turn upside-down. Who knows? Your answers might make it to the pages of an upcoming issue of GL!
1. What's your first name, last initial and age?
2. What three things do you do to make yourself happy?
3. Which songs automatically cheer you up?
4. What's your go-to movie when you're feeling blue?
5. Which celeb brings a smile to your face?
6. How do you cheer up a friend who's feeling blue?
Copy and paste the survey into an email, fill in your answers and send it to Please put "Happy" in the subject line!


by GL | 2/1/2016
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