Survey Says

Survey Says? A Quiz for Anyone

1 What time is it? 5:22 PM
2 What's your name? Coletta
3 What are you most afraid of? THE DARK!
4 What's the most recent movie you've seen in a Theater? Indiana Jones with Gaby!
5 Place of birth? Wisconsin
6 Favorite Food? Italian
7 What's your natural hair color? Brown
8 Ever been to Alaska? No
9 Ever been toilet paper rolling? Umm, Nope
10 Love someone so much it made you cry? Nope
11 Been in a car accident? Yes maam, 3 times
12 Crotons or bacon bits? Croutons
13 Favorite day of the week? Friday!
14 Favorite restaurant? Idk!
15 Favorite flower? Roses
16 Favorite sport to watch? Football (ACTION PACKED SPORT)
17 Favorite drink? Dr.Pepper
18 Favorite ice cream? Cookie Dough
19 Disney or Warner Brothers? Disney
20 Ever been on a ship? Yeahh
21 What color is ur bedroom carpet? Gray
22 Do you have a BF? No
23 Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail? Aja!
24 What do you do when you are bored? Go on da computer
25 Bedtime? Don't have one
26 Curfew? 8pm
27 Who's stricter, mom or dad? Mom
28 Last time you watched TV? An hour ago
29 Favorite TV show? Anything on MTV
30 Last person you went out to dinner with? family
31 Favorite time of year? SUMMER! Duh
32 What are your favorite colors? Lime green, hot pink, purple and light blue!
34 How many pets do you have? 1 dog, 1 cat and 1 bird!
35 Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Well idk!
36 What do you want to do before you die? Go skydiving
37 Have you ever been to Hawaii? Nope but I am going soon!
38 Have you been to countries outside the U.S.? Yess maam i have been to Canada!
39 How many do you e-mail a day? 2-4
40 Time this survey ended? 5:32 PM

GOT YOUR OWN SURVEY? Send it to Jiae at, with the words Survey Says in the subject line, and you could have your survey featured on the Fun Stuff blog! How cool is that?

6/19/2008 12:00:00 AM
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