Survey Says

Would you try these totally strange food combos?

Everyone has a super strange snack that they *love*! What's yours?

1. Peanut butter and pickle sandwich or jelly and bacon on toast?

2. Peanut butter and honey or avocado and honey?

3. Hot Cheetos and cream cheese or Funyuns and cream cheese?

4. Pretzels with Ranch and shredded cheese or pretzels with Nutella?

5. French fries and ice cream or french fries with honey?

6. Scrambled eggs with syrup or scrambled eggs with Jelly?

7. Spaghetti tacos or pizza and Ranch?

8. Popcorn and hot sauce or popcorn and soy sauce?

9. Apples and salt or mangos with chili powder?

10. Peanut Butter and Oreo's or peanut butter and bacon? 

Share your picks in the comments!

Photo credit: Pinterest


by Ashlin Bird | 4/17/2018
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