Think Pink & Red Giveaway Week #4 Winners!


What’s pink, and red, and sweet all over? GL’s February Think Pink & red Giveaway—that’s what! February is the perfect month for lots of pink and pretty prezzies! We’re hooking up our fave Valentines this month with everything of pink and red. Who needs a Valentine when you’ve got GL?

And this week's Valentine Vixens are...

February 22 - Hello!

Emily D. - Fairfax, VA
Stasa S. - Tempe, AZ
Erica M. - Skokie, IL
Tessa V. - North Plainfield, NJ
Maggie L. - Cincinnati, OH
Cassandra D. - Tuscon, AZ

February 23 - Pinky Swear

Meghan R. - Franklin, MA
Hannah C. - Greenwood, VA
Kat B. - Naperville, IL
Emilee S. - Central City, KY
Camilee A. - Baltimore, MD
Nicole M. - Somerville, MA
Angela A. - Madeira Beach, FL
Beanie C. - Austin, TX
Pennie W. - Meadowview, VA
Julianna B. - Ringgold, PA
Morgan L. - Marietta, GA
Allison V. - Erie, CO
Emily O. - Portage, MI
Hayley K. - Monroe, CT
Rachael S. - Saint Louis, MO

February 24 - Soap Suds

Jordan B. - North Billerica, MA
Shelby G. - Lehi, UT
Emma H. - Dalton, MN
Elizabeth P. - Carmichael, CA
Shelby P. - Andover, NH

February 25 - Piglette

Brianna W. - Jamesburg, NJ
Tristen R. - Frederick, MD
Ashley R. - Eagan, MN
Amy G. - Palm Bay, FL
Randi D. - Grand Rapids, MI

February 26 - Say Cheese

Sarah P. - McLouth, KS

February 27 - Starz

Katie C. - Franklin, MA
Alyssa N. - Carterville, IL
Mallory F. - Dubuque, IA
Sierra G. - Lake Oswego, OR
Tessa C. - Grass Valley, CA

February 28 - Criss Cross

Jordan G. - Wake Forest, NC
Terry R. - Medina, OH
Brittney K. - Arab, AL
Natalee P. - Williamsburg, VA
Brianna C. - Goodrich, MI

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