The *ultimate* guide to pampering yourself this Valentine's Day

Take note from fellow powerhouse girl Hailee Steinfeld and "love yourself" this Valentine's Day. You don't need to have a BF to make it a great one. We're *always* up for a li'l TLC. So for this special day, go ahead and raise the pampering levels. Whether you're adventurous or artsy, we've got the *ultimate* ways you should pamper yourself.

For the adventurous girl
Conquer a fear or try something new. Do that thing you've been meaning to try but always put off for a later date. Try a new hairstyle or simply accessorize with accent bobby pins or a messy fishtail braid for something edgy.

For the bohemian girl
If you love being one with nature and being outdoors, set aside some alone time. The goal for this day is to create or put yourself in a relaxing atmosphere and state of mind. Recreate that feeling you get when you're outside with some self-reflection and meditation.

For the girly girl
Healthy hair and glowing skin will always be #goals. Whether it's a DIY moisturizing face mask, a sleek hair mask or your fave bath bomb, your skin will thank you. A great at-home mani/pedi sesh is always a plus if you can't make it to a spa.

For the hipster/ art girl
This is for the girl that loves self expresssion through various forms of mediums. Binge watch your favorite classic shows or movies, read your favorite book, paint a pretty pic or go to a pottery making class.

This day is about *you* and making yourself feel better. And remember, even if you don't have a Valentine you can always call on your bestie to join in on this self-care fun!

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by Chelsea Appiah | 2/12/2018