Chloe Litton is a crooning her way to the top

Chloe Litton has been singing and writing music ever since she can remember.  Since then, her passion for music has only grown.  Now 14, Chloe sings, writes and plays the 12-string guitar.  After performing in local venues near her hometown in Georgia and several shows in Tennessee, she will take the stage at the 2011 CMA Music Festival in Nashville.  Here’s what she had to say about her music, her budding career and what inspires her.

GL: Tell me about your music.
Chloe Litton: Since I was about four, I’d have little tunes in my head that I’d put on paper.  Recently, I started playing the guitar, so now I write a bunch of songs that I wouldn’t call country, but have more of a folk-pop-country feel.  I’ve always loved to sing, even when I was really small.  My grandmother used to take me to festivals and let me sing there.  I’m really used to singing in front of people; I love it.  I do hope to be famous one day, but it wouldn’t matter to me because it’s not about being famous or making a lot of money.  I just want my music to be heard and to make people happy.

GL: How does it feel to be on stage?
CL: I’ve pretty much gotten past the stage of being nervous; it’s more excitement.  I’m just ready to get up there and sing.  Of course my heart beats fast, but I’m not scared or anything.

GL: Do you have a backstage routine?
CL: I usually pray before I go on stage, that’s pretty much it.  I never really know when I’m going to perform, so I’m always prepared.

GL: Can you explain your songwriting process?
CL: Either something really good happens during the day or I get really depressed if I had a bad day at school and I have something on my mind. I usually write the words first like a poem.  Then I get my guitar and figure out a tune that fits with the words and then just put them together.  I don’t write about relationships because everybody writes about relationships.  I write about things that go on in my life, day-to-day things that a teen girl goes through. 

GL: Do you ever hit roadblocks?  If so, what’s the best way to get over them?
CL: I can’t make myself write a song.  They have to come to me.  If I get stuck, I usually just put the guitar down and don’t think for a while.  I go watch T.V. or do something else.

GL: Who inspires you?
CL: Taylor Swift because she started out at a very young age and never quit trying.  You see where she is now.  She kind of gave me hope knowing that even though I’m really young, I can do this.

GL: Who is on your recently played list?
CL: Even though he’s not country, he’s kind of an alternative writer.  His name is Christopher Drew, also known as Never Shout Never.  I listen to a lot of his music because it’s feel-good music and I love to listen to it.

GL: If you could collaborate with any one artist, who would it be?
CL: Gosh, there are several.  One would probably be Carrie Underwood because I look up to her so much.  Even after she won American Idol, she still went to college and really did things right. And she has a beautiful voice and beautiful songs, so I’d love to write with her.  I’d also love to write with Christopher Drew because we sort of write similar music, the feel-good stuff.

GL: Do you find it difficult to balance your music career with being a “normal teen girl”?
CL: Yeah, I’ve gotten kind of used to having not such a normal lifestyle.  I don’t get to have my friends over much; I don’t get to go to the movies, but I’m perfectly fine with that.  I still have my really close friends that I hang out with at school and I have my boyfriend.  Music means so much to me and I can’t throw that away.  It’s worth it.

GL: How do you feel about your upcoming CMA Music Festival performance?
CL: My grandmother, who is my manager, just emailed them to see what they would say.  I had no idea they would say I could perform! I couldn’t really believe it, but it settles in more and more every day.  I’ve been to Nashville a few times in the past few months and gotten used to the surroundings and saw the place where I’ll be singing.  I must say, I am a little bit nervous, but I’m extremely excited.

GL: What is your ultimate goal?
CL: I just want people to like my music, for people to relate to my songs and if they’re having a bad day, to listen to one of my songs and have a happy day.  I don’t want this singing career to be all about me.  I’d be perfectly fine staying in the normal town that I am in, just knowing that people love to listen to my music. I would like to have a huge horse farm someday.  I ride horses a lot.  If I didn’t have my singing, that’s definitely what I’d be doing.

GL: Do you have any advice for girls interested in also pursuing musical careers?
CL: Don’t listen to the horrible things people will say to try to put you down.  I used to listen to that, and then I found out Taylor Swift was only 16, and I realized I could do this.  Just don’t listen to any of the negative things people say to you.  Keep going and never settle for anything less than what you want. 

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by Kristen Yeung | 2/1/2016