NEW YEAR'S: It's A Wonderful Life!


Wanna make this not just a ho-hum new year but 12 magnificent months to remember? We aim to please. That’s why we’re giving you 12 wondrous ways to have the best year ever…

Sure, not every day of the year will be all sunshine and lollipops. But most of them can be! Here’s the catch: Only you can make it happen. It’s a piece of cake, really, with our super-solid ways to have a rockin’ 2008…

1. GAIN THE ‘TUDE! So maybe you don’t have the perfect bod, perfect hair or perfect threads but, aside from Beyonce, who does? What you need more than anything is a good attitude. Experts agree that if you have a positive ‘tude you’ll be happier than someone who sees her cup as half empty. Happiness isn’t having what you want—it’s wanting what you have!

2. SAY TA-TA TO TOXIC FRIENDS. Got a friend who talks behind your back? Flirts with your crush? Constantly copies your homework? You’ve got a toxic friend! Hey, an occasional friendship flub is no biggie—everybody screws up. But if she’s a serial offender, toss that girl like yesterday’s newspaper.

3. SHAKE THAT BODY. Besides kissing (got your attention!), then next best way to naturally lift your spirits is by exercising. And while you’re movin’ the muscles, you’ll also keep that booty in tip-top shape. Commit to at least 20 minutes of hardcore exercise three times a week. Your endorphins—and your jeans—will love you for it!

4. LAUGH OUT LOUD. Going through hard times can be unbelievably painful. But have you ever felt that when it hurts so bad, the only thing you can do is—well, laugh? Use your sense of humor to perk up during tough stuff this year! Watch comedies, read joke books, or hang out with hilarious friends.

5. MAKE NEW BUDS. Once you’ve cleared the poisonous pals from your life, you’re gonna have room for new friends. This is the time to surround yourself with upbeat, positive pals. Not only are they more fun than those nagging, complaining, gossipy buds you used to hang out with, but you’ll find their optimistic attitude contagious.

6. BE A DO-GOODER. No question about it: When you help others in need, it helps you feel good, too. As an added bonus, you get to temporarily escape your own angst-filled head. If you can volunteer at least once a month—whether it’s at a food bank or pet shelter—you’ll be that much more appreciative of your own beautiful life.

Six more months to go! What ya waitin' for?

7. GO FOR THE GOALS. Don’t set yourself up for failure by picking pie-in-the-sky goals. Instead, aim for what’s reachable, and then write down a simple plan of action. Having gorals, and achieving them, is an important part of having a purposeful, happy year.

8. PUT ON A HAPPY FACE. Hands down, the single best way to make sure you have a good year—and great life! —is to be happy with yourself. Be less critical and more appreciative of what you’ve got going for you. Increased confidence ultimately gives you satisfaction. And while you’re boosting yourself up, don’t shrug off compliments from others. Next time you hear, “You look pretty,” instead of, “Yeah, right,” say, “Thanks!”

9. FOLLOW YOUR BLISS. We all have things we’re passionate about—drawing, acting or even decorating your room. If you want an unbelievable year, do what you love and do it more often. Express yourself!

10. KEEP A JOURNAL. Even during the best of times, every girl needs a place to get absolutely everything off her chest. And aside from your cool—and unbelievably patient—BFF, there’s no better way to do that than by jotting your thoughts down in a journal.

11. LOVE THY ‘RENTS! Eeew. OK, maybe that’s your first reaction, but ya gotta admit: A lot of days pass when you don’t even know they exist. Take the time to appreciate the good moments you experience with your family—whether it’s a holiday dinner, sledding together or just watching DVDs.

12. EXPECT THE BEST. Sometimes, you can’t help but be disappointed when things don’t work out your way. When that happens, keep hope alive by continuing to expect the best—even if it doesn’t pan out. When you wake up each a.m., make a firm decision to have a good day.

by Sandy Fertman Ryan | 2/1/2016
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