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10 reasons your pet is actually your BFF

Human friends are fine. Fluffy friends are better. This is simply a fact.

1. They love being around you (even when it's inconvenient).

2. They're bravely willing to protect you from any danger that might come your way (like that evil mailman, for instance).


3. You can tell them anything and you *know* they won't spill.

4. They believe in you no matter what—after all, you're their person.

5. They're fantastic workout buddies…

6. And even better cuddle buddies.

7. They're always up for a good time.

8. Happy to see you? They LIVE to see you—even if you've only been gone for an hour.

9. They're way more entertaining than boring ol' people. 

10. If you love them, they'll love you back—and that's all there is to it.

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by Danielle Bryant | 1/10/2018
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