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10 things we all do to get the perfect Insta

We're all guilty of going above and beyond what's necessary to get a perfect photo for Instagram. It takes a lot of work to capture an amazing snap, pick the best one, edit it flawlessly and think of an oh-so-clever caption. These are the slightly embarassing (but super true) things we've all done just to get something #Instaworthy:

1. Taken photo after photo until your phone's storage was full.


100 selfies later and you still haven’t found the *right* one.

2. Sent your BFF numerous versions of essentially the same photo and asked for her opinion.


Because there is a difference between the one with flash and the one without.

3. Spent hours upon hours trying to come up with the perfect caption.


And then just went with an emoji when you realized you weren't very clever.

4. Pretended you're having way more fun in a photo then you actually were.


Looking candid is harder than you think.

5. Waited for the prime time to post your photo.


Everyone knows the unspoken rule: no posts before 8 a.m.

6. Spent more time than you're proud of just picking out a filter.


“This one really makes the photo pop, but this other one makes me look tan...”

7. Kept your family and friends from eating their meal until you took the perfect pic of it.


...and ordered the fanciest thing on the menu because it looked *so* cool.

8. Stopped at the most random or inconvenient places simply because it would make a cool background for a photo.


Even if it's in the middle of the street.

9. Waited (im)patiently for your BFF to send you last night’s photos.


You have to post them before someone else does, DUH.

10. Spent all of your money on the latest photo editing apps.


You now have a folder on your phone dedicated to editing tools.

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Photo credit: theberry, maximumpop, teen, thehollywoodgossip, tumblr, hlntv, giphy, echannl.


by Emily Mullin | 3/6/2018